We can judge the heart of a person by their treatment of animals. (Ghandi)

"Saving the life of one animal may not change the world, but the world will surely change for that one animal"

                    Welcome to Katie's Place Rescue!
Located in Western Washington, Katie's Place has been home to hundreds of animals since the 1970's. We are involved in both domestic and wildlife rescue and rehab. Our goal is to release all wildlife back into the wild to live the life God intended for them to live, and to ensure that all domestic pets get knowledgeable, loving, caring forever homes. Those that cannot be adopted, have a permanent home with us. Katie's Place is not limited to dogs and cats, we also care for many other species; reptiles, birds, rodents, as well as the occasional exotic pet that has been relinquished. *** We are currently have no more openings for dogs and cats, but if you call us with any species of animal that we do not have room for, we will do everything we can to help find a placement for them.

Laura and a young raccoon.

All the little animal spirits were crossing the rainbow bridge when one of them looked back and saw other animal souls laying on the other side of the bridge, not moving.

“Who are they?” he asked the one next to him.

“Oh, don’t you know they are the souls who had no owner in life and knew no love like we did."

“So what are they laying there for?” he asked “Why don’t they cross over like us?”

“They can’t.” replied his new friend “Only pets with owners can cross."

Just then all the souls on the other side of the bridge sat up and looked down the road.

"What’s happening?" he asked. “Watch!” replied his friend.

Whereupon a woman was seen walking towards the bridge. She looked to her left and then to her right then opened her arms wide and all the patiently waiting souls got up and went to her.

She knelt and touched each and every spirit in turn.

They then all proceeded to cross the bridge together.

“Who is that?” he asked his friend.

“That is someone special.” replied his friend “She is a rescuer."

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We have an online store now and would love to have you stop by and check out our merchandise! 100% of the profits from both stores go right back into the care and feeding of all the animals in our care, so get something special for yourself or a loved one, and help animals in need all at the same time. Thank you all so much for your continuing support!

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​Since our store has gotten so big, its become slow to load at times so the easiest way to order is to go to our Facebook business page. There you will find all our design albums, separated by genre. To visit us there simply follow these steps:

Go to: https://www.facebook.com/T-Shirts-By-Every-Living-thing-101733468866826

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All the albums will open up and you can start browsing in the ones you're interested in. Each image has a link attached that will take you directly to that product in our store. Products are not limited to what you see in our albums...more styles and colors are offered in the main store itself.

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Both stores carry a variety of items; T-shirts, sweat shirts for adults and kids, onesies for infants, coffee mugs, stickers, phone covers, face masks, and more. Any design you see can be placed on the item of your choice, so if you don't see it on what you want, just let me know and I will make it happen!

Here's a slide show of some of the items in our store: (If you click in the center of the image below, the images will fully open up in another window). There are currently over 300 designs available.

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